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Begin the journey to peace, healing, and new found power.

Discover a new self with this training.

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Are you ready to find growth and transformation?
This program includes 200 hours of in-depth training in the vedic teachings of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. This is an opportunity to expand the mind, body and spirit. You will learn to find peace in any moment and to make your desires real.

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“I’m just blown away by the amount of knowledge and wisdom and practical application I’ve received in this training. It’s had a tremendous impact on my life so far in my healing journey.”

-Ashley, Student
This training is unlike anything else available.
It’s an opportunity to awaken dormant potential. You will attain new freedoms in your body and mind.  

Free yourself of cravings

Modern diets teach us shame, starvation, and deprivation, but this program will help you transcend those afflictions.

Unlock better health

If you’re frequently tired, low on energy, or experience chronic health conditions, we can help you naturally overcome them.

Enliven your creativity

Find peace and enter a flow state easily. We’ll teach you the principles to allow creativity to easily fall into place on command.
3 pillars of our 200 hour program

Ayurvedic Medicine

This is the medicine that is deeply tied to yoga. It stands on its own in healing the body and enhancing the body. It has the power to give you secure confidence in your health. Fear of disease or sickness will leave you. It will show you a path to increased strength, energy and mind for the rest of your life.

Tantric Yoga Tradition

This is a technology of manipulating the nervous system to unleash its potential. We all carry a wellspring of dormant energy. This energy can heal the body, enhance the body, and it will push you to manifesting your desires. This is the kundalini energy. It is like a river that will bring you into your desires. Advanced practices that reach into the mind, the breath and the body catalyze an expansion of consciousness

The Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras will orient and introduce you to a new mental state. This training will guide you into this state called samadhi. Finding this new place in your mind is like finally breathing fresh air. It will speak for itself. Applying the yoga sutra will enable you to explore and expand Samadhi. It will serve as your unlimited battery on this journey. It is the doorway to power that was previously unknown.

Achieving your best health should be fun and easy.

The truth is, a body in alignment with its spirit runs toward optimal health.

Do you experience stress, anxiety, worry or depression? Do you feel sluggish, struggle with cravings, or wrestle with the same persistent health issues? Do you feel lost and unable to find your purpose or motivation in life?

These issues are common for most in modern society, especially in a world that’s taught to fight or deprive our bodies to achieve success. This contributes to suffering and violence on global and personal levels. However, the body is not something to be conquered. There’s a better way to achieve your best health, and we’re here to show you how.

Feedback from a real student:
What you’re going to get:

200+ Hours of in-depth training

James and Ali are Certified and Registered Yoga Teachers with over 20,000 hours of documented training.


Online or in-person access

For the first time you are able to become certified completely online. 


A safe & effective structure

Learn how to structure a practice for yourself and others based on Ayurvedic and Tantric principles.



Learn to cultivate and expand a personal mediation practice and learn to lead others in this practice.

Additionally, our students learn:
  • Create and grow a meditation practice to enhance cognition, clarity and emotional well being.
  • Learn the tantra techniques of manipulating the body and breath to enhance energy and cognition.
  • Gain an depth and unique application of pada 1 and 2 of the yoga sutra. This powerful resource will accerlate growth and transformation.
  • Find the Samadhi state.   Applying the yoga sutra will reveal a unique mental state which will impact your whole being.
  • Learn to construct strengthening and therapeutic practices for yourself and others with this vinyasa krama system.
  • Learn to utilize Vinyasa Krama within your own practice and when guiding others. Vinyasa Krama is a system of utilizing wise integration in order to create a desired energetic outcome out of a class or a private session.
  • Learn the yoga techniques of utilizing sound to strengthen the nervous system, ease the mind, the emotions and strengthen the voice.
  • Gain an understanding of the modern and historical context for yoga practice.
  • Gain an applied and practical understanding of body mechanics, movement and anatomy.
  • Learn a simple system of alignment principles that will put the body back into balance and will yield a therapeutic result for your classes, private sessions and for your own personal practice.
  • Understand what prana is and how to manipulate the prana in order to achieve a desired result.

200-Hour Training Schedule

Each Weekend: Totaling 20 Hours

Thursday: 6-9

Friday: 6-9 

Saturday: 10-5pm

Sunday: 10-5pm


Each weekend starting

September 16th through October 24th

Kundalini Tantra:

 Kundalini is the body of massive energy waiting to be awakened.

This is the energy of self realization. It is the force that allows you to realize your vision and your ideal potential. This is energy is the fuel to create the world around you. This energy is called Kundalini. It is the key to creating freedom for yourself. Kundalini Tantra is the system to awaken this energy.

This training will  guide students through cultivating this Kundalini force. Students will be guided through progressively more advanced techniques over the course of the training. The exclusive nature of this training allows for close and consistent guidance. This energy will completely tranform your life and your consciousness. It will lift you up to higher and more fulfilling forms of expression. 

Ayurveda is science of enhancing health, creating longevity and attaining the support of nature.

Ayurveda is a system that leverages extensive knowledge of physiology. It has demonstrated an impressive longevity. At 5000 years old it is the oldest system of medicine. All other systems of natural medicine contain the seed of Ayurveda. The influence of this system has been spread and shared across the millennia and across the world. 

But even beyond this it is more than a science. It is a dimension of yoga and this makes it universal to the human experience. It is the result of the heightened awareness through yoga.

 Ayurveda is the experience between a person and nature. The lens of Ayurveda is able to see into the cause of disease and offers a pathway to heal and enhance the human body.

Sanskrit is a science of vibration 

Sanskrit is a vehicle for Higher consciousness and heightened sensitivity. It is a system for enlivening the nervous system. 

An experiential relationship with Sanskrit is intimately tied with physical and psychological transformation. It is not simply a language in the common sense. Sanskrit has been created, cultivated and wielded as an exploration into vibration and its relationship with the human nervous system and the human mind. It is a resource to enhance physiological sensitivity. 

This sensitivity fosters an intimate connection with the flow of nature and acts to catalyze growth in Ayurveda and Yoga. Sanskrit instills a connection with vibration, the nervous system and with nature as a whole. 

The experience of Sanskrit, Ayurveda and Yoga are interwoven with each other and create a powerful synergy. 

Yoga is a means to freedom and is a pathway
to manifest any desire

Yoga will awaken a person’s life purpose. It is a means of enhancing consciousness and the mind that meets a person in whatever context they are in. It will enhance a persons pursuits in life universally. It is a verifiable science of the mind that can be applied in any context. 

Training Curriculum:

Kundalini Tantra

Students will be guided progressively into the esoteric physical and mental designed to awaken this force. This training will progress through the entire program.  

Advanced study of the Yoga Sutra

A key part of this training will be a thorough application of the Yoga Sutra. Students will be guided into developing a relationship with a distinct mode of consciousness called Samadhi. Samadhi is a mental state anyone can access. It is the foundation for the integration of Yoga. 


Students will be guided into an extensive application and knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayurveda will transform a person’s relationship with food. Expect a kind of awakening to happen with personal health and personal lifestyle. Profound change happens once a person learns to see through this lens.

Each student will be trained in the application of Ayurveda for themselves and others. It is our intention that this teaching spreads and we aim to enable students to improve the lives of those around them

Sanskrit and Meditation

This training will facilitate an immersion into meditation and its different forms. One such form is vibrational meditation with Sanskrit. 

Each student will be introduced to a foundational knowledge and practice of using Sanskrit.

Students will have the opportunity and option to explore Vedic chanting as well.  The system of Vedic chanting provides a fascinating interplay of Yoga, Ayurveda and this path of personal mastery.

Yoga and Tantric texts

This training will explore a range of yogic and tantric texts. These texts will enhance and support the integration of Kundalini tantra and Yoga. The Bagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Yajnavalkya, The Shiva Sutras and others.

200-Hour Training Schedule

Each Weekend: Totaling 20 Hours

Thursday: 6-9

Friday: 6-9 

Saturday: 10-5pm

Sunday: 10-5pm


9 weekends starting January 7 to March 4th

Additional topics include:
  • An exploration into the Sad Darsana, or The Six Ways of Seeing: Nyaya,  Vashaisika, Samkhya, Yoga Purva mimamsa, Uttera mimamsa, Vedanta.

  • An exploration into  the many layers and gifts of Tantra.

  • An exploration into tantric love making.

  • An exploration into kundalini tantra.

  • Pranayama practice and progression. 

  • Creating a progressive physical practice using the intelligence of vinyasa krama.


  • Creating a personal meditation practice.
  • Deep eploration and application into the Yoga Sutra.
  • Create a practice for yourself and others that is informed by Ayurveda and the Tantric science of energetics to create powerful shifts in the body.
  • Students will learn fundamental alignment principles  that inform every movment and which will accelerate progress towards newfound strength, comfort and ease in the body.
  • Students will receive practice in learning to read bodies and to know how to help even the most odd of cases on an individual basis.
  • A broad exploration into the vast legacy Vedic literature. Including: The Bagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Yajnavalkya, and others..
  • More topics will be explored in addition to all this.

Meet your program instructors, James and Ali

James and Ali Nohinek are the owners of Radiant Sun Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, where they enjoy showing people that healing is easy.

James is a counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner from The California College of Ayurveda, and 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, while Ali is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher as well who is passionate about biomechanics, Ayurveda, yoga.

Together, they enjoy helping others become teachers, find peace in the moment, and experience healing on a deeper level than ever before. They created this program to do just that.

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